Google Translate Sings: A Whole New World is the 11th episode of Malinda's series Google Translate Sings. The video was uploaded on June 16th, 2014. This episode features Malinda's frien Jasen Miyamoto

Translated Song

[Verse 1]
I can add it the clarity of world
Shiny, shiny, large
Now when I want to talk to princess
Finally decided to make up your mind
I can turn in your eyes
You're a miracle band
The assailant of cross and in-low
In a tour carpet magic

A new entire world!
Please check the new dream-like point
Does not say us not
Or I'll go there
No say that that separates some dreams

A completely new world!
I stunning location where I did not know
But here all the way
It's glittering and translucent
That now a new world and I wish you I'm
(Now a new world and I wish you I'm...)

[Verse 2]
Nice views
Feeling of indescribable
Flying dragon, rolling arbitrary
Via Hentai diamond skies

He adventure that is an entire world tin of innovation!
(That our eyes do not close)
To what a-hundred-thousand
(His breath is better)
I was like a meteor
I have been
I cannot go back to the position of use

A new entire world!
(Per transfection a pleasant surprise)
Looking for new horizons
(Every minute improvement)
How can I control
Made me share this new world of you

A new entire world
(A completely new world)
This is our will
(This is where we)
The thrill of the hunt
(A nice place)
For you and me will be