Google Translate Sings: Christmas Carols is the 91st episode of Malinda's series Google Translate Sings. On December 6th, Malinda was opening a concert for The Gregory Brothers, and performed the carols with Michael Gregory. She later uploaded the episode on her main channel.

Translated Song

[We Wish You A Merry Christmas: Malinda]
We want a happy birthday for you
I wish Christmas was fun
I want you very well
This year, I was happy
We've come to arouse your neighbor
Good news for Natale
And a heartbreaking new year

[Deck The Halls: Michael Gregory/ Both]
Space milk is right
Valalalala branch
Make a sacrifice to the stars
It's Spider Man
Now we are homosexuals
Our headlamp-La-La-La
Potatoes are very satisfactory

[Jingle Bells: Michael Gregory/ Both]
How does this snowball work?
Open, Norway's opression
We will leave the country
He wants everything
Group call
Create an angry army
I can not sing (True)
Tell your babies
Jim has big bells, Jim has big bells
Drink everything
Oops, this is a rainbow horse
Murder case number one
Jim has big bells, Jim has big bells
Escape from all of you
Oops, this is a rainbow horse
But this is a dream and a lie

[Auld Lang Syne: Malinda/1 Michael Gregory / 2 Both]
If the owl is forgotten
Did you not know anything? (Nope)
I can only be forgotten (True
And old lung syndrome
For the old lung, my honey
For the old lungs
We will sell the good stuff
For the old lungs