You are reading the page dedicated to the Google Translate Sings episode. You may have been wanting to read about the cover of the song "Defining Gravity".

Google Translate Sings: Defying Gravity is the 6th episode of Malinda's series Google Translate Sings. The video was uploaded on April 1st, 2014.  The episode also features Malinda's friend Cyndi Vanakkan.

Translated Song

Elphaba, why can you not keep your cool?
Once the handle instead of flying!
I hope you're happy
I hope you're lively now
I hope you're pleased because ever the cause of your injuries
I think you're smart, please

I wish you happy
I wish someone happy
I hope you're proud of how you do servile submission will
To save the business

So I could not even think of how
I hope you're lively today

I hear Elphie!
Just not tell your excuse!
If you still magician
What is your job and wait
You can find anything you always wanted to do!

I know
But I do not want, no
I can not want
No more
Modified within some
Situation is not the same
I played the meter regulatory compliance
Other people's games
So late second conjecture
It's too late to go sleeping
Time to trust me
Close your eyes
And hopping!

Now is the time to try ignoring gravity
I think I should be able to try ignoring gravity
And you can take me

I cannot understand you
You're having illusion of mastery

I was through with acceptance of restriction
Because I heard someone
Certain things I cannot change
But until I attempt I'll never know!
I've been scared for too long
I think there is no love lost
Well if this is love
It is much too expensive!

I want purchase sooner ignoring gravity
Kiss me goodbye
Ignoring gravity
And you can not kill me

Glinda, come! Think about our best-- to do together!
With us indefinitely
Join us would be the greatest team there are ever before
Dreams, was timed to coincide with

If we work together...

No struggle we can find
Only you and me ignoring gravity
You and I ignoring gravity

They'll never let disappoint us
(Question mark) and are you lo?

I wish you happy
Now that you selecting this

Are you too
I hope it brings you happiness

We hope you get
You will not regret
I hope that you are happy ending
I wish you a happy, my friend

So if you are worried to find that
Check out the Western sky!
Someone told me recently
Everyone flight worth the effort!
What if I go solo
At least I freedom to fly
For those who want my land
Take the news back from me

Them how I ignoring gravity
I'm more over the high ignoring gravity
And shortly I will matched with their reputation
And every city... no!
That is to say that I am not a magician
Forever gonna bring me down!
I wish you a happy!
(Look at it, it's ugly, get it!)
Bring me down!
(No one condolences the wicked
So we've obtained her...