You are reading the page dedicated to the Google Translate Sings episode. You may have been wanting to read about the cover of the song "For the First Time in Forever".

Google Translate Sings: For the First Time in Forever is the 30th episode of Malinda's series Google Translate Sings. The video was uploaded on March 31st, 2016. This episode also features Malinda's friend and American singer Evynne Hollens.

Translated Song

[Verse 1]
Cave Market to the door
I want to or not appreciation of what they did
Who knew that eight thousand
Doses of salads?
I spend many years
Trying to get accessories
The play has a ballroom
Without football
The maximum lenth
Open his door
It is actually alive
It is a complete mystery
But Celtics ready to change.

For the First term of office indefinite
Music it's as simple as that
Gardens for the first time
I do not know if I'm high or sparkling wine
But I'm from the time zone
For the first term of office indefinite
And I love myself

I cannot wait to meet them all
If I have met a what?

[Verse 2]
Bathrobes tonight and we all figured out
Invitation to the wall
Sophisticated boutique pictures
Behold I stand
Good length
and fair aliena equitable
I like a little chocolate on your face!
But we all laugh nightlife
Fe's crazy
Share your life with this regard

For the first term of office indefinite
It will be great
Would not it be boring?
For the first term of office indefinite
I could see people
And I know this is madness
I killed his romantic desire
For the first term
Of office indefinite
A feature I a minimum

Do not let them
Do not let them see
Go a math girl
You are always been
Face it
She adopted a secret son
Failure action
And everybody knows

However in this bay
However in this bay
It is waiting for the pain
It looks painful!
Garrison said to open
The gate!

For the first term of office indefinite
(Do not let them do not let them see)
I was in my bed
(Maybe you need to be a flat good girl)
It's time to change the soil
(Hidden camera)
Could be the next an possiblity
To find genuine love
Hiding they even do not think so
I know that everyone is ending tomorrow
Why they are the first
To the first time in perpetuity
To the first time eternally
To the first time the eternal
To the first time eternally

Anything my way!