Google Translate Sings: Part Of Your World is the 2nd episode of Malinda's series Google Translate Sings. The video was uploaded on February 18th, 2014.

Translated Song

[Verse 1]
Please note refer to the matter,
Is not it neat?
If you think you have to fill in my collection is not?
I do not think it is
I think it's a girl,
Girls will everything!

[Verse 2]
See Department of the Treasury,
Enormous treasure,
One cave can you how to keep the many wonders?
Look around you that you are here,
Of course, they have everything!

[Verse 3]
Power, it's easy and I'm devices
I am whoseits, whatsits, positive and negative
Thingamabobs you are you looking for?
I am 20 this!
But the treatment, not a big deal
I want more!

[Verse 4]
I want people to do with
I think they want to see dancing to look at,
How can they not?
You move? Foot! Oh!

[Verse 5]
The fins are flipping,
You do not have too much you get
Bridge jumping, dancing is required
What does that word again?
A walk along the bottom?

[Verse 6]
They run how far away is where to go
If you stay in the sun for the first time in a location
I hope there is potential,
Free to wander
Some parts of the world.

[Verse 7]
What I would if it is possible to live out of the water it?
I send a warm day in the sand will pay?
You understand that the land bet'cha
You have scolded her daughter,
You do not need to give
Bright young woman
From the disease of the sponge
And willing to stand!

[Verse 8]
Then you know people are ready to know
You can ask a question of my day and some answers
Why not triggered and what it---words... what...

[Verse 9]
If it's on me I would not it be
Love to explore the world of love!
From the sea
I did want to be
Some parts of the world!