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Google Translate Sings: Poor Unfortunate Souls is the 23rd episode of Malinda's series Google Translate Sings. The video was uploaded on October 26th, 2015.

Translated Song

Lately I've been homeless, acknowledges
I'm a woman, and ugly.
However, I please look at the sun
I'm in perfect health
Converted to see the light transducer!

Really? Yep.

I had magic fun
But the industry had always has a talent
Now, again, I laughed
I use it on the road
Fair lonely and pathetic rear

The spirit of abysmal despair
This belt craving to be slim fit
He wants to explore a chick
And it does not help them

Yes, curricula

The spirit of abysmal despair
Actually, it was not
Very funny

Bird migration soup, The Scream
"Ursula, please grow up!"


However, cod, namely generation
No delivering value not
But, alas, I have them, Lake had fear of charcoal

Scientists are strange
But I have the Holy Spirit

The spirit of abysmal despair

Please experience the beauty
Of the face
Do not underestimate the size of the body!
Oh, what a day! (Ha)

I do not like people who are very light
Gossip Girl I think the hole!
Ms. lectures in the world,
but it is preferable to
After all flesh died for that empty prattle?

And now, they do not dialogue with emotion
Be sure to avoid Mr.
However, ecstasy and chicken
and venison stale woman
Man sticking out his tongue for this person

The spirit of abysmal despair

Me and all I had to give a lot of woman do not do Monday
There is no any commission


The spirit of abysmal despair
It is much,
But actually
To move a rare leg,
Did wage tax
Take a piece of suck breath,
Go and book signing
Drift, bum, but now, she has the boys
A cylindrical projection

The spirit of abysmal despair!