Malinda Wiki

Welcome to The "Policy & Rules" page, this page has a list of things that you must follow whilst using this wiki. By breaking these rules you will be either given a warning or depending on the circumstance be blocked from the wiki.


  1. Use this wiki for fun and to spread positivity as well as helping out and contributing to the wiki pages.
  2. Treat all users with kindness.
  3. Rely on different administrators for assistance at different times rather than just one.
  4. Create blogs instead of pages for things that aren't necessary to make a post.

Do Not:

  • Be rude to others, unless two sides do mean it as a joke.
  • Use swear words to insult other people.
  • Have any type of sensitive or inappropriate behavior (that including discussion about violence, self-harm, triggering content, etc.)
  • Edit any false or useless information into any pages. Creating useless pages is also not allowed.
  • Cause any drama with other people (that including fights.)
  • Mock people for being banned or receiving penalty.
  • Bother administrators or other members by posting irrelevant or meaningless messages on their talk pages.
  • Create an alternative account after getting banned from the wiki, while your ban isn't over yet.