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Hi! My name is Alexandra and I am 17. You can call me Alex :) I am one of the staff of this wiki, so please contact my message wall if there's any problem!

About Me

  1. What's your name? Alex
  2. How old are you? 17
  3. Favourite colour? Purple
  4. Favourite pet? Cats
  5. What's your sexuality? Bisexual
  6. Are you single? Yes
  7. Summer or Winter? Winter

Wikis in which I'm part of the staff

You are welcome to edit in any of these wikis!

Wiki Role Since
Malinda Wiki Founder, Bureaucrat, Administrator September 22, 2018
Alice Jemima Wiki Founder, Bureaucrat, Administrator January 23, 2019
Nighttime Visitor Wiki Founder, Bureaucrat, Administrator January 7, 2019
Dark Deception Fanon Wiki Founder, Bureaucrat, Administrator March 8, 2019
Dark Deception Wiki Bureaucrat, Administrator January 27, 2019
Hey Violet Wiki Bureaucrat, Administrator January 2, 2019
Alli Fitz Wiki Bureaucrat, Administrator November 9, 2018
Ava Max Wiki Administrator March 24, 2019
Poppy Wiki Rollback October 21, 2018

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