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"YouTubers Who Don't Suck" is an original song by Malinda Kathleen Reese.


In "YouTubers Who Don’t Suck", Malinda addresses the opinions of some people in early 2018 saying comments which demean the people who upload content currently on the site such as that they prefer the "old YouTube", how YouTubers are losing the original goals for their channel for money or popularity and how in mainstream media are criticizing the creators for being talentless and stupid. She does this in what she calls a "compliment track" or "reverse diss track" for all of the YouTubers that she, and many others, think shouldn’t be put in a group of people that they consider bad influences to the site, more namely Logan Paul and an incident that happened also in early 2018 where he uploaded a video that has now been taken down that showed a person that had committed suicide.


There's been a lot of talk about YouTube these days
People saying "I miss the old YouTube"
YouTubers selling out their brands
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YouTube has been taking a hit
Big media thinking that all YouTubers are talentless or stupid
To which we say "You're not wrong"
But you're also not right
So let me break it down for you
Here are a few YouTubers who aren't completely the worst

[Verse 1]
They all started out without goals of fortune or fame
Just making content in their bedroom and look what it became!
Phil DeFranco, you're keeping it real
Digging faster, driving deeper into the heart of our culture's deal
Molly Burke and Jessica KH [KF]
Voices in understanding disability, capability
Girls, you're outstanding!
VlogBrothers (DFTBA), you know what that spells
Watching SciShow and Crash Course? I'm gaining brain cells!
And Koshy, you've got puns for days
Mix and match the choicest witticisms, words and phrases
Go for days and
With Jet and Helga by your side
There's nothing you can't turn simply inside out with funny
Want sunny? Try Brian, voice of honey
Hull is always making us remember what's worth more than money
Like Nathan Zed and Jon Cozart
Who don't post a lot...
But remain two of the most thoughtful humans this industry has got

This is a compliments track
It's not your average diss track
But it sounds just like a diss track
But it's a compliments track
For the YouTubers who don't suck

[Verse 2]
Wanna feel some serious feels? Go straight to Dodie Clark
Music that hits you in the gut is her trademark
Then you've got Andrew Huang and Roomie who make metered sense
Testing the limits of music with their experiments
Thomas Sanders, you make me so happy every time you speak
While also helping us understand and love what makes us unique
And if you don't know Rhett and Link, you should really fix that
Child friendship turned bomb, better get the hazmat!
Speaking of other relationships we can all aspire to
Evynne and Peter Hollens make music that will inspire You
Like lightning on fire, they know exactly what to do
To pick up a track and lack it back with slick vocals and arrangements

This is a compliments track
It's not your average diss track (It's not your average diss track)
But it sounds just like a diss track (But it sounds just like a diss track)
But it's a compliments track (It's a compliments track)

[Verse 3]
MatPat! You help us unite over a common love
Love of games, of theory of what's going on above the storyline
Anna Akana, yeah she sees things this way too
Bringing cinematic content that makes you a better you
Jacksfilms! You're making me wanna yell 'YIAY'!
ElleoftheMills: girl your storytelling is nothing but fly!
Tyler Oakley: LGBTQ+ pioneer
Akilah Obviously leading the social comedy frontier
Your girl Superwoman hustles harder everyday
Empowering, not cowering with her movement Girl Love underway
Hannah Witton, sex positive
You advocate for feminists
Physics Girl: you're so smart
Helping girls excel in STEM and it's those benefits
It's unbelievable how many more
Brilliant YouTube artists are making us click and adore
It's crazy
All of these things that we can do
The content that changes lives and subverts inequality
'Til we're blue in the face
And you know what? That's what it's about!
At the end of the day, viewers - it's your eyes that count

Every creator and brand
Is trying and vying and crying for your attention
There's a tension between public and private
And it's in the algorithm's interest to drive it
Your views are your greatest asset!
The peak of this platform ain't passed yet
It's YouTube it's on you
To make and watch new content and
Keep your standard set high

This is a compliments track (Oh)
So take in this message I'm saying (It's not your average diss track oh yeah)
With no intention of condescending (But it sounds just like a diss track)
We gotta remember that in the ending (Oh, but it's a compliments track, oh)

We're all the ones who define what's trending